Program 2017


> Location: 2nd floor of the CIAP Building (courtyard of Val d’Argent Expo)
> Date: Friday, June 23, 2017 at 3 PM
> Duration: ≈ 1 ½ hour
> Capacity: 50 seats
> Fee: free admission
> Reservation required: HERE

For the 3rd consecutive year, Mineral & Gem offers a free event open to everyone. Focused on scientific information, this meeting of experts and professionals is a unique opportunity to promote and discuss various topics.

Once again this year we are very pleased to receive four speakers who participate in this meeting for presenting their works concerning the following topics:
-From the treasure of the Great Moghols to the extravagances of the Maharadjahs’, Capucine Juncker, gemologist and journalist at,
From Cabinets of curiosities to Museums; From collections to modern science’, Cristiano Ferraris, curator at the National Museum of natural history in Paris,
-Sir Arthur Russell’s collection at the Museum of Natural History in London, Mike Rumsey, curator at the Museum of Natural History in London,
-Minerals and volcanoes’, Bertrand Devouard, mineralogist and president of the French Society of Mineralogy and Crystallography. 

Only the lecture of Mike Rumsey will be in English, all the other will be in French. 

Penny Williamson-
Gemmologist and journalist at, Capucine Juncker, 
will offer an overview of what jeweler’s craft was in India from the 16th to the 20th century. She will evoke the symbolism of gems in India, the talismanic virtues attached to certain stones, and show that some gems were emblems of royalty. From the Mughal Empire to the British Raj, you will discover the evolution of forms, patterns and techniques of the Indian jewelry that reached its golden age a few years before the proclamation of the Independence of the subcontinent.

Cristiano Ferraris, curator at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, will guide you in the world of cabinets of curiosities, in their authentic surroundings where rare, strange or extraordinary items, not only part of the three kingdoms of nature have been preserved, but also human achievements. If they were typical in the 16th century within the baroque redundancy, they changed completely in the 18th century. This contribution will take you through an iconographic journey to the most famous cabinets of curiosity in Europe, thus enabling you to understand this phenomenon, historical nucleus of the collections of the most famous Museums of Natural History.

Mike Rumsey, curator at the Museum of Natural History in London, will talk about the famous collection of Sir Arthur Russel. With nearly 14,000 specimens, it is probably the most beautiful regional collection ever achieved. This contribution will be the opportunity, through rich illustrations, to discover the birth of Sir Arthur Russel’s passion and also to review the entire history of the construction of this collection.

C. Ferraris-

LogoFinally, Bertrand Devouard, President of the French Society of Mineralogy and Crystallography, will offer you a scientific point of view on the conditions of formation of minerals related to volcanism, theme of the prestigious exhibition of this edition.


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