Program 2018

Logo> Location: 2nd floor of the CIAP Building (courtyard of Val d’Argent Expo)
> Date: Friday, June 22, 2018 at 3 PM
> Duration: ≈ 1 ½ hour
> Capacity: 50 seats
Logo> Fee: free admission
> Reservation required: HERE

For the 4th consecutive year, Mineral & Gem offers a free event open to everyone. Focused on scientific information, this meeting of experts and professionals is a unique opportunity to promote and discuss the prestige exhibition ‘Fantasmineral: collectors’ dreams’.

This year we are very pleased to receive three speakers who participate in this meeting for presenting their works concerning the following topics:
-The Historical Collections at the Mineralogy Museum of Strasbourg, Denis Leypold and Barbara Gollain, curators at the Museum of Mineralogy of Strasbourg,
Fanstasmineralogie: the gemstone arts, Gian Carlo Parodi, , lecturer and mineralogist at the National Museum of Natural History of Paris.

All the lectures will be in French.

Denis LEYPOLD, Musée de minéralogie Strasbourg (2)

Denis Leypold and Barbara Gollain, curators at the Museum of Mineralogy of Strasbourg, will show you the historical collections of mineralogy preserved in Strasbourg since 1762. The oldest collection is the work of the university lecturer Jean Hermann of which Barbara-GOLLAIN-Musée-de-minéralogie-Strasbourg-813x1024several hundred samples of all Europe is preserved. The collections acquired by the Imperial and French University before 1900 and again in 1939 will also be mentioned. They were made by outstanding discoverers and amateurs of the 19th century, French and German, including Bary, Jordan, Perl, Braun and Ungemach. This tour will be complemented by an exploration of the collection of 450 meteorite samples that mainly fell in the 19th century.


Gian Carlo Parodi, mineralogist and lecturer at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, will take you into the world of stone arts. Rocks and minerals are not just purely scientific items, but they have also inspired artists and other humanists since human history, or were transformed into purely ‘aesthetic’ collections. Thus, the ‘phantasmagoria’ of agates, jaspes or ‘septarias’ are at the origin of the prose of Roger Caillois. The Tuscan landscape-stones have inspired poets like Pablo Neruda, or painters of the Italian Renaissance, such as Filippo Napoletano and among others the rider Tempesta…
But how are these ‘quirks’ of mineral nature formed? Naturalists and scientists try to explain it.


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