Grands Crus d'Alsace-
Topic of the 2016 edition

mg_142x134_ENFor over 5,000 years human beings have produced wines with love and care, skill and traditions, hard work and passion.

This sophisticated drink is a soil product, obtained from soil  of which mineral quality and specificities are decisive.

The 2016 edition will highlight the links between natural stone and wine through exhibitions, lectures, free tasting and other activities to consume without moderation…
(Photo: © Chez Elles – Conseil Vins Alsace)

The exhibitions

LogoPrestige Exhibition

Exhibition carried out by Mr. Alain Martaud
> Mineral Zone > Exhibition area in Val d’Argent Expo

ruby_xtlBurma-2Human beings, since the beginning of mankind, maintain a close relationship with stone because it provided him with his first tools. Today it is the ore, basis of all industries as well as gemstones those that decorate women’s fingers.
Obtained from soil and developed by human beings, wine is a product considered as a cultural exception. We talk about the ruby or garnet color of some particular red wine, because the Epicurean who is about to enjoy a Grand Cru often takes a break for a first visual tasting…
This prestigious exhibition will highlight the natural links between stone and wine:
- → the origin of wine color – from the tannins – and the high complexity of minerals,
- → comparisons between the wine robe and the color of mineral species and the brilliance of gemstones
- → the peculiarities of some soils and their impact on the quality of the produced wines.
Ruby, garnet, pink fluorite, rhodochrosite, amber, amethyst, topaz and many other gems offer an original approach to mineralogy and geology through the wine, subject to constantly growing interest, object of speculation, but especially object of adoration!…
(© Mia Dixon)



Exhibition presented by the Maison de la Géologie et de l’Environnement de Haute-Alsace Sentheim (Home of Geology and environment of Sentheim, High-Alsace)
> Mineral Zone > Parc Jules Simon

Discovering the Alsatian geological heritage and wines!


As part of the prestige exhibition ‘The Origins: Stones and Wines’, the Home  of Geology and Environment in Upper Alsace and its partners present an exhibition and fun activities focused on the link between geology and the Alsatian vineyards, an  approach of the diversity concerning the local terroirs.
The program will include:
- → Free tastings of Alsatian wines and Grands Crus led by Alsatian winemakers and accompanied by a guide explaining the association between local geology and the presented wines.
- → An exhibition entitled ‘The Alsatian vineyard, fruit of tectonics’. It consists of educational posters provided by Yves Quinif, professor of geology at the Polytechnic Faculty of Mons,  to better understand the turbulent geological history of Alsace, which is at the origin of the diversity of its soils and wines. The exhibition will be accompanied by photographs of Mr. Heinz Modispacher, son of a winemaker, amateur photographer and enthusiast heritage lover.
1- → A conference entitled ‘From rock to wine, the origin of the diversity of the Alsace’ terroirs.
→ Entertainment and fun workshops involving soil science, terroir study, geology and wine (posters, boards, play equipment, educational tools).

This exhibition is organized with the participation of several partners that we thank warmly:
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The lectures


> By Stéphanie Colicchio, geologist and environment leader at the Maison de la Géologie in Sentheim
VisuelConférence2> Language : French
> Schedule : Thursday at 1.30 PM (also Saturday at 3 PM)
> Duration : 1 hour

The Alsatian landscape and its vineyards are the result of a long and turbulent geological history that stretches over several hundred million years.
To understand the specificity of the Alsatian vineyard, which lays on a mosaic of soils and the diversity of terroirs that results from that, we will visit the geological time. This conference will present the features of the Alsatian vineyards, its cultivated vine types  and the variety of soils encountered.
What are the factors that influence the quality, the personality and the uniqueness of the produced wines? How to link soil, grape variety, flavors and taste sensations of the produced wine? This lecture based on the work of Dr. Claude Sittler, professor emeritus of geology at the University of Strasbourg will bring elements of answers to these questions.


> By Gian Carlo Parodi, mineralogist and lecturer at the au National Museum of Natural History in Paris
Illustration_Conf_Parodi> Language: French
> Schedule: Thursday at 3 PM
> Duration: 1 hour

This lecture will introduce you to the many links that exist between wine and gemstones. In Greek mythology, this relationship is to be discovered with the legend of the origin of Amethyst, born from the anger of the God of wine, Bacchus, who was in love with a young nymph. At a scientific level, the color of wine is related to the pigment composition of the grapes. Indeed, winemaking, terroir and time are major components that play a role in the color of the wine. Finally, we can find this link as soon as one compares the finest gem collections around the world with the great appellations of Burgundy wines.


Logo> By 4 specialized contributors
Language: English
Schedule: Friday at 3 PM
Duration: 1½ hour
Bandeau site internet_FR> Réservation required HERE (capacity: 50 seats)

For the second consecutive year, Mineral & Gem organizes a free Symposium open to anyone. Focused on scientific information on the topic of mineralogy and gemology, this meeting of experts and professionals offers a unique opportunity to exchange on these issues.
This year again, four speakers honor us with their presence and participate in this meeting to expound upon their work:
- • ‘Wine & Stone: An Australian Story’, Penny Williamson, curator at the University of   Wollongong, Australia, faculty of Sciences, Medicine and Health,
-  • ‘The French Crown Jewels‘, Eloïse Gaillou, assistant curator at the MINES ParisTech, Mineralogy Museum,
- • ‘Trésors de la Terre (Earth Treasures) : story and achievement of an exhibition, Cristiano Ferraris, curator at the National Museum  of natural history in Paris,
  -• ‘Mineral Collection: The Harvard University’, Raquel Alonso-Perez, curator at the mineralogical and geological Museum of Harvard, USA.



Illustration_Conférence> By Marie-Sophie de Maissin, gemologist, expertise and consultancy
Logo> Language: French
> Schedule: Sunday 3 PM
> Duration: 1 hour

Originally from Bordeaux, Marie-Sophie de Maissin will develop our awareness  through this lecture  on the close link between the Bordeaux wines and minerals. To be understood by everyone, this approach will be replaced in daily life. Wines, a story of stones? Or stones, a story of wine? Through this procedure you will get elements of answers.