For the second time Mineral & Gem organizes its Fashion Show in the Gem Zone!
The event offers visitors an overview of the commercial and artistic offerings in the Gem Zone.
The staged show, this year on the topic of Contemporary Circus, will present  products and creations (jewelry, rank necklaces, jewelry…) made by ten exhibitors from the Gem Zone, selected according to quality and originality. Another part of the parade-show is dedicated to the three artists who were presented at the Gem Fashion Show 2015: a chance to discover or rediscover aesthetic and engaged contemporary creation.

Location: Pôle Aalberg in the Gem Zone – Duration: ≈ 40 minutes
Schedules: Friday: 2:30 pm – 4 pm — Saturday & Sunday: 2 pm – 3:30 pm – 5 pm
Capacity: 120 people (including 80 seats)
It is strongly recommended to arrive 10 min. ahead.


A dozen design jewelers of the Gem Zone were selected to present their creations.

Creators who were honored in 2015, Pascale Frey, Marion Fillancq and Sebastian Carré, will close the presentation by offering you to discover their recent works.


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Pascale FREY
Between suggested encounters and unavowed void, Pascale Frey make up assemblies resonating with vibrating vitality. Her jewels made of feathers and leather, bones and wood, sewn with silver and gold, are a hymn to life.


Marion Fillancq imposes to material through her gesture the power to move beyond the restricted universe of its fancy plastic; she intimately knows that only expressed life may lead to creation and not the opposite! Her favourite materials: glass, metals, fibers, sparkle…

Sébastien Carré - Mineral & Gem




Sébastien CARRÉ
Sébastien Carré‘s creations reveal unsuspected horizons, recalling convening a reality that sublimates life. His jewels of textile and metal invite us to surpass oneself.




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A Mineral & Gem production
Staging: Raphaël Picard
Jewels: designers from the Gem Zone
With the exceptional participation of Pascale Frey, Marion Fillancq, Sébastien Carré
Dancers: Elena, Ramona, CJ, Maria (Cie Provocation)
Production coordinator: Laurent Bourquin
Production assistant: Mickaël Picard (AOE)
Audio control: Mickaël Picard (AOE)
Light control: Laurent Bourquin
Video control & broadcast: Laurent Bourquin
Sound creation and arrangements: Mickaël Picrad (AOE)
Hair style and make-up: Pigier Création Strasbourg
Stage assistant, accessories and costumes: Loïc Colin (S2E)
Video director – cameraman: Olivier Sciannimanico (S2O)
Editing: Loïc Colin (S2E) in Rosheim
With the cooperation of the Technical Services of the City of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines
With the help of the Paradis des Sources
Special thanks to the Agence Culturelle d’Alsace