6 values for a leader positioning…

Mineral & Gem has a more committed approach, different from an exclusively commercial one; a long-term strategy driven towards other horizons, exemplary for future generations. Its policy is to pursue the development of its 6 founding values.

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A big majority of buyers, negotiators and professional visitors who come to Mineral & Gem are European; a significant number of them are also North and South American, Asian and African. Being clients of our exhibitors, they are precisely the backbone of the event.
Very specialized (collectors, scientists, stallholders), they come to Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines to formalize negotiations that are essential to their activity.
Mineral & Gem is inevitable in todays’ mineralogical world: this reinforces the fact it must keep on maintaining the same level of positive expectation from its professional visitors.

Mineral & Gem examines hundreds of ‘exhibitor application demands’ according to selective accurate criteria, before accepting their participation.

Variety of choice

At the same time, what contributes in creating an exceptional offer each year is the presence of eminent specialists as well as the biggest retailers in the world.

InvestmentIn order to remain attractive in a particularly competitive context, the event is present in the international press, on international shows, and also within the framework of partnerships with prominent French and foreign institutions (National Museums, Universities, scientific institutes), which is in fact one of its great concerns.

Mineral & Gem, due to its radiance and the internationality of its exhibitors, buyers and visitors, is a not-to-be-missed international event in the Earth Sciences and in the luxury business.


Mineral & Gem has many assets, all clearly appreciated by the visitors – among which some have been regular customers for over 40 years:
A geographic location, central in Europe, and convivial by nature in Alsace,
- A close proximity with historic and gastronomic sites in a beautiful preserved valley,
- A particularly pleasant seasonal implementation, during the last week-end of June,
- Human-sized facilities and infrastructures,
- An exceptional heritage in the mineralogical world.

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Many predispositions which make the event a singularly enjoyable time of work or stroll, with over 500 volunteers organizing and serving the visitors in a cheerful atmosphere!

In June, Mineral & Gem in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines is the celebration of all planet-lovers!


Economic actors of the mineralogical world have taken their eases in SMAM!
A significant place_2Mineral & Gem has generated the development of an economical concept which has proven to be working over the years: the town of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines has adapted itself to the growing needs and requirements of a world-market.

During 9 days, the transactions between great retailers, exporters, collectors and negotiators, – before and after the official opening-, along with the professional and public days, will hopefully make Mineral & Gem become a privileged economic environment, a must!
From human sized facilities to hotel and gastronomic offers, Wi-Fi coverage to routes of circulation, security to stocking areas, everything is planned in order to ensure you an excellent experience.

Recently, Mineral & Gem has launched its “anti-counterfeit project”. An expert goes up and down the alleys of the show in order to detect any kind of anomaly, keeping in mind the following:
- to evaluate and pick out the illegalities regarding the Commercial French Law,
- to detect and report imitations and other fake copies.
These measures are here to consolidate Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines’ goal in maintaining an irreproachable and transparent quality, guarantee of its economical and international positioning.

Mineral & Gem offers an exceptional performance in a peaceful environment… a “Business Time” in the shade of a beautiful and charming valley.


The event is a cultural platform: it exports throughout the whole world the historically rich culture of its territory, welcoming at the same time thousands of people from different cultures and horizons.


Besides, Mineral & Gem covers a majority of activity sectors of the Earth Sciences: gemology, fossilization, seismology, geology, arts and crafts, paleontology, archaeology, petrography, crystallography, gold washing, volcanology…
The knowledge of the mineral reign stems from a sometimes complex science, but is very often accessible to the general public, within the scope of initiations and awareness-raising actions. Each year, by means of new expositions, workshops, conferences and encounters with people of all nationalities, a great amount of thorough knowledge and discoveries are put in place to suit every kind of publics.

Mineral & Gem, an outstanding cultural meeting served on a silver plate!



Mineral & Gem is engaged a policy of knowledge transmission addressed to the youth. The number of specific promotional and informative actions for schools and families is increasing, with the development and implementation of adequate devices adapted to a young public with free access (not less than 30 workshops and animations for children under 10).
Besides, about 2000 pupils of the cycles 1 to 3 are welcomed during the educational days which are held at the same time as the professional days, on Thursday and Friday.

Those privileged moments are conducted by specialists and students from renowned universities such as:
- → the Institut Polytechnique Lasalle Beauvais,
- → The Faculté des Sciences in Nancy,
- → The Freiberg Fachschule in Germany,
- → The École et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre in Strasbourg,
- → The Institut National de Gemmologie in Lyon…

Gathered in one place during several days, the sum of these disciplines and knowledge are an important source of accurate teachings and rich documentation – allowing future generations to open up and sensitize to planet-related fields of activity.


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The history of mankind and of minerals in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines dates back to nearly 2000 years. At this period of time, men were in search of wealth and treasures and already digging the ground of what we call today the Val d’Argent, classified as ‘Pays d’Arts et d’Histoire’ (Land of Art and of History) in 2005. (French Ministry of Culture)

The climate activity and the movements of tectonic plates that formed the Vosges Mountains, have fostered the emergence of a complex, rich and divers mineralogical life. For thousands of years, dozens of mineralogical specimens* have drawn men’s attention, often for their economic value, but also for their intense beauty and unique characteristics.

Due to its significant heritage (mineral and historical), Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines is the perfect breeding ground for an event like Mineral & Gem. Beyond a natural legitimacy, Mineral & Gem presents with a growing enthusiasm each year, what its land has to offer.

This heritage, unique throughout the world, is a permanent source of discovery and knowledge.


*Alain Martaud’s work ‘The Minerals of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines’, published in 2013 by Éditions du Piat, lists about 170 different mineral specimens found during the last 10 centuries (
native silver, arsenic and arsenates, chalcopyrite, red sphalerite, flowering aragonite and even native gold).

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