Program 2018


An exhibition organized by Frédéric Lacombat, paleontologist and scientific director at Interprospekt and Martin Görlich, specialist, fossil hunter and trader.
> Mineral Zone > Osmont Pavilion

cofLimestone from Solnhofen (Germany) has preserved a unique assemblage of fossil organisms, including even very detailed footprints of animals such as jellyfish. The Solnhofen’s fossil, the most renowned, is undoubtedly the iconic Archeopteryx, one of the most beautiful fossils in the world. During this Upper Jurassic period (about 150 million years ago) this area was an archipelago at the edge of the Tethys Sea, including even placid lagoons with limited access to the open sea.
The high conservation quality of Solnhofen’s fossils is a perfect illustration of life during the Jurassic. This exhibition shows a selection of the finest fossils discovered in Solnhofen and covers the complete incredible biodiversity living during this period, on the banks of the Tethys: fish, reptiles, amphibians, mollusks…   © Frédéric Lacombat


An exhibition by Sylvain Desfarge, Jean-Marc Pyré, Enrico Rinaldi, Agostino Mariani, Nicolas Vignat, Sébastien Khayati, Damien Ferronato, Jean-Philippe Fattier, crystal hunters.
> Mineral Zone > Swimming-Pool (stand 4)

Image-8-2This cubic and octahedral mineral has been mined for centuries. Used during the Middle Ages to liquefy slags during the production of metals, it nowadays helps the chemical industry for manufacturing fluorine and derivatives. Fluorite is also welcomed by mineral enthusiasts because of its shape, transparency, colors diversity and sometimes its fluorescence.
We present here the most beautiful specimens that are the result of months, even years of research and work of all these enthusiasts, from the mineral hunters to the collectors. The exhibition will allow you to admire pieces from around the world, some of which have never been shown before to the general public; but also to understand how the research work and the preparation of these minerals are conducted.
Exceptional fluorites, fluorescence effects and geodes in their raw state will tickle every collector’s fantasy!
© Enrico Rinaldi  collection / Photo: Federico Picciani – Fluorite, Granite Quarry, Shannapheasteen, Costelloe, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland


An exhibition by Grégoire De Bodinat, Sylvain Desfarge, Sébastien Khayati, Christophe Peray, Jérôme Arnou, Jean-Marc Pyré, the Brun family, Stéphane Bizien et Davide Caresio, crystal hunters.
> Mineral Zone > Swimming-pool (stand 16)

Stéphane Bizien-2Regarding crystals, the exceptionally rich history of the Alps does not need to be praised further. Crystal hunting takes its origin is in the valley of Chamonix, and notably in Oisans where some pieces among the best jewels of French mineralogy were discovered.
The eye of the collector does not always perceive the sweat droplet at the edge of a piece discovered with tremendous efforts; but it is easy to understand: one does not notice these kinds of details when one is dazzled by the beauty of a crystal! And indeed, the discoverers themselves quickly forget the harshness of their labor once their search is rewarded…
This year again, the French crystal hunters whose reputation is now established, offer an exceptional exhibition. Active for many years in the Alps, they devote an enormous amount of time and energy to mineralogical prospecting.
They will present you specimens of our beautiful mountains that are full of sublime specimen and that the whole world envies: The King quartz, which often occupies a first choice place in  the rank of the alpine mineralogical treasures, pink fluorinas, axinites, epidotes, siderites… Not to be missed!           © Stéphane Bizien


Exhibition carried out by Alain Martaud, collector.
> Mineral Zone > Exhibition area in Val d’Argent Expo


For this edition, the usual speakers of our prestigious exhibitions will share their collectors’ dreams, their mineralogical fantasies. The Natur-Museum of Luxembourg, for instance, will present some mineral fantasies that nature has fixed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), a country rich in copper, cobalt, uranium and other coveted metals.
An unprecedented exhibition, in collaboration with several mineralogical museums and international collectors.
© Éloïse Gaillou / MINES ParisTech – Gold, Transvaal, South Africa, 1899 – 3282-12
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