Program 2017


An exhibition presented by Victor Tuzlukov, gemologist graduated from the American Institute GIA, founder and president of the Russian Facetters Guild, Grand Master of the American Guild of faceted cut.
> Gem Zone > Pôle Aalberg, room 2

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Invited in 2015 after his world record at the international lapidary championship in Australia, Victor Tuzlukov comes back to Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines to present his new exhibition that invites the public to grow flowers rather than to use weapons.
For Victor Tuzlukov, wisdom sparkles in the precious gems. He tries to make everyone aware of the role that one plays in his life and gives a message of hope: ‘’We create the world around us. Like a mirror, it is the reflection of our actions. Do we want to create a world that resembles a bustling garden or a field full of weeds? Everyone has the power to contribute to making the world more beautiful, it depends only on our choices and our convictions’.
Less receptive visitors to the spiritual side of his faceted stones will be in any case amazed by the extraordinary beauty that these stones have acquired under the skilled hands of this virtuoso, close to perfection.


An exhibition by Grégoire De Bodinat, Sylvain Desfarge, Sébastien Khayati, Christophe Peray, Jérôme Arnou, Jean-Marc Pyré, the Brun family, Brice Bouillanne and Stéphane Dan, French crystal hunters.
> Mineral Zone > Swimming-pool, stand ZM PI 16

Mont Blanc Seb 3-2

Regarding crystals, the exceptionally rich history of the Alps does not need to be praised further. Crystal hunting takes its origin is in the valley of Chamonix, and notably in Oisans where some pieces among the best jewels of French mineralogy were discovered.
The eye of the collector does not always perceive the sweat droplet at the edge of a piece discovered with tremendous efforts; but it is easy to understand: one does not notice these kinds of details when one is dazzled by the beauty of a crystal! And indeed, the discoverers themselves quickly forget the harshness of their labor once their search is rewarded…
This year again, the French crystal hunters whose reputation is now established, offer an exceptional exhibition. Active for many years in the Alps, they devote an enormous amount of time and energy to mineralogical prospecting.
They will present you specimens of our beautiful mountains that are full of sublime specimen and that the whole world envies: The King quartz, which often occupies a first choice place in  the rank of the alpine mineralogical treasures, pink fluorinas, axinites, epidotes, siderites… Not to be missed!


An exhibition presented by Alain Martaud
> Mineral Zone > Exhibition space of Val d’Argent Expo


Volcanoes were among the first places visited by naturalists as early as the end of the 17th century, and Earth Sciences, emerging in the 18th century, largely studied the accessible volcanoes as well as the rocks and minerals that make them up. This exhibition will show witnesses of the first mineral species described at that time.
We will present you Vesuvianites, amethyst geodes, zeolites as well as many exceptional volcanic pieces from all continents.
An unprecedented exhibition, in collaboration with the mineralogical museums of Strasbourg, Paris, London and Rome.
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