1962 François Lehmann created the exhibition under the name ‘La journée des mines’ (mines day).
1964 The exhibition is ‘Cailloux’ (peebles) renamed.
1966 The exhibition is renamed again ‘International Minerals, Gems, Jewelry, Fossils and Meteorites exchange’ (Bourse Internationale aux Minéraux, Gemmes, Bijoux, Fossiles et Météorites) and is organized every year on the first Saturday and Sunday of July.
1973 François Lehmann organizes an exchange for Eastern European countries in Tržič, Slovenia, partner town with Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.
1986 Friday becomes a professional day.
1992 The date of the exhibition is moved to the last weekend of June.
1993 The exhibition exceeds the 10’000 visitors milestone.
1997 A second professional day is added. The exhibition lasts then 4 days.
2001 The threshold of 20’000 visitors is reached.
2005 ‘Gem Zone’ opening .
2009 The exhibition exceeds 25’000 visitors threshold.
2011 Takeover of the organization by the Mayor of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines. The event is now called ‘Mineral & Gem’.
2012 The threshold of 30’000 visitors has been reached.


Évènementiel en Val d’Argent (EVA), organizing structure of the event, offers regular innovations to develop Mineral & Gem and to bring more and more comfort, quality and choice. Many expansions are made for a more complete and specialized offer.

-       → Increasing the number of parking spaces and shuttles.
-       → Strengthening security standards.

-      → Opening of the Park Jules Simon and of the Children Village.
-      → Edition of the trilingual book ‘The Minerals of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines’.

     → Opening of a new prestige space at the swimming pool.
-      → Opening to professionals already on Wednesday (early access).

-      → Opening of the Pôle Aalberg zone dedicated to jewelry.
-      → 1st edition of the staged jewel-show ‘Gem fashion Show‘.

-      → Opening of the Osmont pavilion dedicated to collectible fossils.