FAQ_NE_gbWhen are the registrations open?
→ From October 2018 until February 28, 2019.
Reminder: no registration form will be accepted after this date!

How can I obtain a registration form?
→ To apply, please let us have by e-mail all the useful information (photos, descriptions, website, references, participation in other show…) which will help us to know your goods better (minerals, gems, fossils…). After careful consideration, we will let you have a registration form.

How to fill the registration form?
1. Fill legibly the insert with your general information.
2. Fill only the part ‘remarks/comments’ on the second page of the form, precising your wishes of locations. Example: 1st wish: a 9 sq. m. stand in the Mineral Zone – 2nd wish: 2 tables inside of Val expo 1*
3. Sign the form.
*For an easier choice, all the locations may be seen on our maps to download and on our interactive map.

How to let us have your registration form?
→ By e-mail: info@sainte-marie-mineral.com
→ By fax:
→ By mail: Mineral & Gem, 5 rue Kroeber Imlin, F – 68160 SAINTE MARIE AUX MINES

Do I have to make a deposit?
→ You must not pay a deposit if you register for the first time. A deposit will be requested when we can make a location offer matching your wishes and our availabilities, and after you have accepted it.

When will I be made a location offer?
→ You will be contacted by e-mail in March or April 2019 to be informed of the booths availabilities. The exhibitors having already participated in the former editions of the show will have the priority until February 28. Any new application will be treated after this date. In all cases, you will be kept informed by e-mail.

I have been made a location offer that I accept, what is the procedure to be followed?
→ The offer has a deadline. You must let us have your agreement by e-mail within 5 to 10 days, as well as your deposit to secure your registration. Without this consent on time, the offer will be made to another applicant.

What do I have to do if the offer that was made to me does not suit?
→ We always try hard to make proposals as closely as possible to your wishes and according to our possibilities. If the proposals which were made for you do not suit, you will just have to refuse them by e-mail.

I have been put on waiting list. What are my options?
→ Unfortunately, we receive every year more requests of new exhibitors than available locations. We try hard to satisfy everyone, but we unfortunately do not have the possibility to extend the show. If you are on waiting list and if a stand came to release itself, you could be contacted again to take it. You also have the possibility of coming from Tuesday (2 days before the opening) to be informed on the vacant locations. The reallocation of vacant stands is made on Thursday morning in the opening of Mineral and Gem.

How can I get an invitation letter for a visa?
→ Only after we have sent you a confirmation of your location, you may request an invitation letter for a visa. In that case, please let us have by e-mail (info@sainte-marie-mineral.com) the photocopy of the passeport of every person needing a visa. You will then be sent from March on our official letter by e-mail.

What is the procedure for the customs clearance of my goods?
→ Please download the official procedure provided by the French customs.

I have not been granted a location for the next edition of Mineral & Gem. How can I get an invitation letter for a visa?
→ We can only deliver invitation letters to our exhibitors. You may still attend the show as a visitor. In this case, please contact the French Embassy that you depend on.

Can I exhibit with my own furniture?
→ For safety reasons, only tables and furniture from the Organisation are authorized.

How can I find an accommodation?
→ For your accommodation during the show, please contact the tourist office:
Office de Tourisme du Val d’Argent
86 rue Wilson
F – 68160 Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines

We can help you to find an accommodation with private individuals (houses, flats, B&Bs), but only after you have received your confirmation of location. You just have to contact us by e-mail: info@sainte-marie-mineral.com.

A question? A piece of advice?
→ Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: info@sainte-marie-mineral.com.