-Club Ambassadeurs 2016

We images you !

Have fun becoming a Mineral & Gem Ambassador!
This year again, Mineral & Gem invites you to join our club of ambassadors. Being our ambassador gives you the opportunity to promote our show in a fun way throughout the world!

Who are the Ambassadors?
Maybe YOU! You are fond of mineralogy? of gemology? of photography? You are just curious and like to share online?
The Ambassadors of Mineral & Gem à Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, it is the club of those who have fun promoting the show on the social networks!

How to become an Ambassador?
fb_icon_325x325→ Join the ’club des Ambassadeurs’ on Facebook
→ Post your best pictures with our flyer (or any other promotional material of the show),
→ Get a chance to win one of the prizes awarded by Mineral & Gem.*
What are the advantages? 
As a member of the club, you take part in a contest and maybe win invitations for our show as well as other prizes and goodies.
During Mineral & Gem, you will also have the opportunity to meet the other members and share about your experiences!

Mineral & Gem-2
How to get your flyers? 
We will let you have a kit of flyers upon request via this link, and all you will have to do is to take the best pictures and surprise us.

What are the steps?   
> Disposer d’un compte Facebook,
> Publier ses photos sur le groupe Facebook,
> Obtenir le plus grand nombre de mentions j’aime sur ses photographies,
> Publier ses photographies avant le 12 Juin 2016, 23h59,
> NB : Les photographies publiées sur le groupe pourront être utilisées par Mineral & Gem en mentionnant l’auteur.

The prizes:

*1st prize1 VIP pass for Mineral & Gem 2016 (valid 5 days) + 1 invitation for 2 persons to the ‘Mineral & Gem Party’ + 1 collector item (limited edition)
2nd and 3rd prizes1 VIP pass for Mineral & Gem 2016 (valid 5 days + 1 invitation for 2 persons to the ‘Mineral & Gem Party’
4th to 20th prizes1 ’4-day pass’ for Mineral & Gem 2016

#MyMGshow - Angélique Binder-                                                                                       MyMGShow by Angélique Binder for the 2015 venue