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Commercial activities/The Well-Being Area

Facing the Theatre, the well-being center is located in the heart of the Mineral area.

More than 30 exhibitors and speakers give advice and information to benefit from the healing properties of minerals, to help us live in harmony with one’s body and environment. With nearly 50 conferences, we will also comprehend everything that stones and crystals can do to help you lead a healthier life.

Well-being at the heart of minerals…


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LAC space – High School Yard

Several exchanges, conferences and events are presented to teach how to recharge one’s batteries with minerals. Professionals in lithotherapy and naturopathic medicine and specialized bookstores will introduce you to the basic benefits of stone and crystal, or to explore the secret of ancient Crystal Skulls.

Come and relax with an oil or a stone and crystal massage, for revitalizing yourself and making the most of Mineral & Gem.


Slovenian Park

Here, it is all about serenity and peace. The Feng Shui area through its layout, design and atmosphere is a real tranquillity oasis contrasting with the hectic pace of the show. In this ‘Zen’ environment, visitors may participate in diverse workshops and reenergize oneself thanks to minerals. Conferences are also provided in French.

See the program of the lectures (2017)