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It offers an overview of the minerals which were found in the valley of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines during the last centuries.
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This high-quality trilingual book (French-English-German) contains 208 pages and has a wealth of about 400 illustrations, maps and old documents.
Each species or mineral group species is addressed with explanations, anecdotes or historic references for allowing a better understanding of the subject.
More than 1000 years of mining history are approached. Native silver, arsenic and arseniates, chalcopyrite, red sphalerite and even flower-like clusters of aragonite are some of the marvels that are to discover along the pages…
The photos of microscopic crystals allow us to approach a lot of species, among them some rare ones.
This piece of work concludes with considerations concerning the notion of  ‘mineralogical heritage’.

The author 
Born in 1966 in Reims, Alain Martaud graduated in geology after completing his study at the Geological Institute Albert de Lapparent (today Polytechnic Institute LaSalle in Beauvais).
Since then, explorations and discoveries never end.
In 1998, Alain Martaud became a trader and an expert in collectible minerals. He is today a very important French collector, and also one of the most renowned French mineralogists.

The editor
Based in the center of France, the Éditions du Piat is also publishing of the magazines ‘Le Règne Minéral’ and ‘Fossiles’, which are recognized as references in the French-speaking countries.

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